Assalamu’alaikum, World!

You always see ‘Hello World!’, don’t you? So now I bring you “Assalamu’alaikum, world”. Because this is the best for me, and us. It is salaam, which is said by Muslims in the world when they meet each other. It means “may peace be upon you”. Isn’t that beautiful?

Hold on! I don’t promote radicalism here. I mean, it is not radical at all. Yeah, I know many people are sensitive about everything related to Islam. Even with something ‘trivial’, like salaam.

As for this post, I just suddenly want to write a post in English. I realize that actually I’ve never write English for this blog. You know, I am not English native speaker. It is just an ‘optional’ language to learn. But for now, look like it has shown its necessity to be learned.

For me, it took much time to learn. I think I need some more years to master English. But thanks to internet, it becomes more efficient to learn English. There are many free English courses in the web. And I often visit BBC Learning English ( to get the learning material. I knew the programme in the radio long ago, when I was a child.

I hope I can write some more English post for this blog in the future.


2 thoughts on “Assalamu’alaikum, World!

  1. Wa ‘aleykum salam wa rahmatullah!
    Oh how peaceful it is to read your post. I hope that you will continue posting on english, I’m also learning this langage.

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