The Community of Ubuntu Users



It’s December already, huh? How fast the days went by. How many times I missed the good chances. etc. etc…

If you don’t want to read this post, just skip this. I’ll be OK. Since I don’t know either what should I write. Also, I have no more idea or topics for the next posts.

Anyway, this year is both wonderful and tough for me. I’m glad to have times to join the community of Ubuntu users. But unfortunately, I messed something up for several times. And that made some awkward feelings for me. And I’m afraid if other community members got annoyed of me, or even by my existence.

It’s all about habit, I’m sure. I mean, I need people to share my opinion or the same interests. Yeah, indeed we are social creatures who need each others. While, the problem is that I’ve got no close people with the same interest to share. I think it’s different when we meet someone face to face rather than via internet.

This is the 2nd English post in this blog, and I hope I have another chance to write the next one. I’ll take this as my self introspection.


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