My First AllDeb Installation on another Ubuntu Machine

AllDeb is a rather new alternative or workaround to install applications on Ubuntu Linux. Basically, it is a package file contains all dependencies required by a ‘meta-package’. Meta-package is a base package in a well-known name, e.g firefox, vlc, thunderbird, inkscape, gimp, etc.

When you hit sudo apt-get install gimp, the APT downloads and installs its dependency packages automatically. The issue comes when you would like to share those packages to your friends. Since application database in each Ubuntu machine is unique, you may not be able to just copy and paste the package and then double-click it. You cannot just share the gimp.deb package to install it on another machine. It depends some libraries which are packaged in its dependencies. And you have to include them as well.

So here comes Alldeb to resolve that issue by simplifying the process of collecting the dependencies and meta-package altogether. Do you want to know about Alldeb further? Please go to its homepage on Or you may visit the discussions of its development in forum.

Here are the screenshots of AllDeb Installer. It is a GUI app of Alldeb installer script. Its homepage is in

I made the alldeb archive in an Ubuntu machine which has all dependencies required. Then I installed it on another Ubuntu which has limited internet access. It is very handy to share application packages in that way. Also, I think you can make use of it for offline installation method, i.e sharing to Ubuntu machine which doesn’t have internet access at all.


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