Kubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is ready to rock

Kubuntu 15.04 has just been released. It features the new Plasma 5 Desktop, a new, sleek design of KDE UI (Ref). The Breeze theme looks refreshing, and replaces Oxygen as the default KDE theme for years. But I rather don’t like the window decor at first.

When I write this post, I was downloading the final ISO, as you can see at the image above. Recently, I’ve tried out the beta version, running on an AMD powered laptop. And as expected, there were obviously some bugs, i.e some glitches of window animation using OpenGL renderer. Also, plasma workspace got hung when I connect to WiFi network.

For the first issue, I change the OpenGL renderer to XRender, then the window animation didn’t have glitches any more. And for the latter, I didn’t know whether it was a bug or not, since it disappeared gradually. Or perhaps it was because the first issue, I think.

In addition to the brand new look, Kubuntu 15.04 doesn’t offer many changes. The new feature I like is KDE Connect. It is now included by default as a plasma widget. So, now I can make use of it directly to connect the laptop to Android devices. But unfortunately, I don’t have any. 😀

In the beta 2, I didn’t find Bluedevil plasma widget to manage bluetooth devices. But, according to WebUp8, it is now re-added to the ISO. I hope it’s true. And finally, other changes of Kubuntu Vivid can be read on WebUp8’s review.

Those are a few screenshots of Kubuntu 15.04 beta 2 live USB session that I tried out on a laptop in my workplace at Wakashio. When I published this post, it resides along with Windows 7 already for a few days. I like it so much and I’ll install the final release version as soon as possible.


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