This is ephemeral world, after all

Hi my blog audience, it’s been a long time I didn’t write here, did I? Actually there was nothing weird nor wrong here. I just quite discouraged to write posts in English then. For I have decided to fill this WordPress blog with English posts only. And in fact, I am still learning English as well, so you may find some glitches in this post and few others earlier.

A few days ago, more precisely on August 25, OpenShift by RedHat emailed me and many other developers around the world. They announced something tragic news, that they would suspend their valuable OpenShift online v.2. And it’s going to happen just in a month ahead (September 30, 2017). It’s kind of surprising and overwhelming, as we have to migrate our production apps that run on OpenShift into the newer generation of it that we might haven’t given it try yet.

OpenShift 2 free plan gives customer 3 free ‘gears’ to run, with minimum resources of course. But those 3 resource-limited gears are more than sufficient to live up my websites. I use them for a WordPress blog, a Ghost blog, and a Laravel app respectively. The first two are not so functional, as they are just like internet junks. They’re invisible, unknown and actually I made them that way though. But the latter, actually it’s very important for me, since my personal website ( and the backend for my Android app (Hafal Quran) rely on it.

Fortunately, I have tried configuring a newer OpenShift 3 recently. And it has a refined CLI tool that quite different than OpenShift 2. I won’t explain it here as this post is just a kind of pseudo-philosophic. Yeah, as the title tells you, actually we lived in an ephemeral world, that everything in it is not last forever. And no exception for this OpenShift that I am telling you, that it will leave its fans or people who rely on it, soon.

I personally so thankful for the company behind it who has provided me a “free” deployment server for a couple of years. It’s kind of fact that there are so many poor developers who cannot afford even the cheapest VPS or PaaS for their not-so-popular webapps, including me. Thank you OpenShift Online 2, we will miss you. Auf Wiedersehen!


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