So Melancholy

I think I don’t have to ask you pardon, reader, who subscribe this blog for articles about Open Source, programming, or other similar topics. As this time, I want to share my sort of private thing. You don’t mind to read, do you? Okay, thanks.

“Learn to recognize omens, and follow them”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

I got a kind of melancholy feeling of my –not so long– past, exactly 4 years ago. I’m rather confuse whether it’s a short or a long period. I was working in Jakarta, then. Today, I got some “omens” that reminded me to that piece of my life, the awesome one. Actually every piece is awesome, indeed.

November, I don’t recall the date, though. There was an amazing experience that will be my precious moment, ever. Looks like I have written it somewhere, in another blog or maybe I’ve hidden it in this one, but whatever. As this is another special occasion to remember. You don’t have to continue reading, of course.

I was entering a job interview, then. It’s for a junior programmer or something like that. The thing that actually an unreachable, impossible chance for me as I was totally newbie. Something that I wouldn’t forget was the interview session, light and humble one.

Then it came to a discussion about my future, near one. I was asked about what’s if I can continue studying to college, what degree I want to enter, and why was that. And yes, I answered it so confidently that I want to study islamic economics.

You won’t believe, that 2 years and a half later, I really got the chance. A kind of precious grace God has given me, and there’s no other way I thank Him than to do my best, no matter how unrealistic my life currently is. That’s the thing I was so grateful for, as by then, I have determined my path.

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