Herzlich willkommen, OpenSUSE!


Wait…! That desktop looks familiar. Have I ever met it before? Umm, maybe.

I suddenly remembered about OpenSUSE, which I once wanted to give it a try, as I wrote it somewhere in my other blog. And actually when I checked the post again, it was one and a half years ago. Then recently, I got encouraged (once again 😀 ) by kang Cip to try OpenSUSE out. And yes, I ended up installing it into my PC, eventually. Note that the screenshot above is just a live session. And here is the real installation result:

boot options screen

Dual boot options of OpenSUSE Leap and Windows

From the time I posted about my desire, it means that it took a quite long time for me to eventually install OpenSUSE. That’s the first time I played around with the YaST installer of this chameleon-logo Linux distro.

I rather forgot about the live session of OpenSUSE, as I only found a 4 GB+ ISO images of either Leap and Thumbleweed in the download page. Besides, I got a quite difficulties in booting those ISOs I dumped into USB. I booted them up on both my laptop and PC, and all stopped at detecting hardware phase. On my laptop, it took about an hour to get the YaST installer to show up, and I tried it a few times to eventually figured it out that I just had to wait it loaded the drivers.

OpenSUSE boot stop at loading basic drivers

I have been googling around to find the solution of that issue, actually. Also I have asked about it on @OpenSUSE_ID Telegram group. They recommended me to try adding brokenmodules=r8169 parameter in the kernel boot option. I’ve tried that, but it didn’t resolve the issue. I don’t understand even until now, since when I tried booting the same USB drive to my friend’s laptop, there’s no such issue.

Then I recalled about the live session. I was strongly sure that I have tried booting the live USB one day, and that the USB drive name is OpenSUSE_KDE_Live or something like that for some time. So I googled for the live ISO, and yes, it exists! Then I download the KDE thumbleweed one. When I booted it on my laptop, it run smoothly, there’s no waiting of loading the drivers. But it lacked something: a browser, which I need to login to wifi.id, a paid-based hotspot that has an adequate speed for downloading anything.

I told it to @opensuse_id, and someone suggested me to try Krypton instead. Aha! That noble gases name! I remembered it again. So, OpenSUSE has two most up-to-date KDE build, like the official KDE Neon, and they name it Krypton and Argon. Where Krypton is based on Tumbleweed, and Argon is based on Leap. And you can download it from the official download page here.


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