Trafi: Be a Jakartan Like a Local

A friend of mine told me about a nifty app: Trafi. It provides us complete routes information of public transportation in some big cities, including Jakarta. It helps me a lot as a newbie newcomer in this mega city. And I’m so grateful for my friend who told me that app.


Realtime position of trans jakarta bus displayed in Trafi route

The information it provides includes the routes and schedules of KRL (Jakarta Commuter Line), Trans Jakarta (busway), Medium buses (Kopaja, Metromini), as well as angkot (angkutan kota / common public transportation). And if –for some reason– there are no route available for your destination, it will return walking route instead.


Details of route displaying bus stops

The schedule estimation doesn’t always give you the right time. So, don’t expect it tell you the exact time of arrival. Be prepare for the worst thing, and spare some time for your convenient. But, most of the time, it can predict the close departure and arrival time of KRL and Trans Jakarta but not angkot. And it’s handy especially for strangers, newcomers or travelers (and backpackers) who have no acquaintance in this city to traveling to local destination.


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