Mulai dari Nol

That literally means “start from zero”. I don’t know the exact translation in English though. But yeah, hope you get the idea.

It was a subject of an email I receive from my subscription on Dicoding. I haven’t got it exactly what they meant about their story in the email content, to be related to the subject. Except for the idea about everything big is started from zero –if I’m not wrong in understanding it. That includes the journey of their company for past few years. How they started from the very beginning until now that they have achieved some valuable achievements.

In other side, me, is like the antithesis of it. Not to mean that I started from big and now become zero though. For a few years earlier, I sort of have achieved some big things in my life. But it’s likely just my kind of delusion –I don’t know. But, in some cases, at least I have initiated some big decisions to accomplish in past few years –exactly two or three years ago. And there are still many more things that I need to start up from zero, from now. Like, deleting Facebook for instance.

Farewell, mortal world

Yeah, eventually after seven years and thirty three days, I managed to ditch that “social media” from my real life and can live freely. It’s not that easy to do though. I have attempted several times to quit, but I ended up coming back and forth. Until June 14, 2018, the historical day in my life when “my account” completely hidden somewhere in the Facebook server. I don’t say “remove” as someone said that Facebook don’t really remove the user data from their server.

It has no correlation with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal actually. I’m just fulfilling my 2018 resolution to quit social media gradually. Thus about the leak of user data, I have been aware about the risk for quite long time. But there are more important reasons for me to quit than just worrying my private information that’s non-sense for anybody.

Facebook is rotting. They made the platform no more social media but merely ads media. Hoaxes and hate speeches spread uncontrolled although Facebook keep trying to eradicate them. Moreover, the scariest thing they have is the filter bubble effect. They made sort of dichotomy among users, and made them being more themselves. I mean… you got the idea.

Yeah, I’m just sort of a pathetic human being with a pessimistic thinking about how social media is used. But whatever goodness they offer, I chose quitting them, for good. Farewell.

Hey, wait! I have downloaded my data from their server before I really deleted my Facebook account. You may see how it looks like, but not all actually. I remove most stuffs and let some public items I have posted. I uploaded it to my website as a sort of digital artifact, and maybe it’s useful enough for other people –who knows. Click here to see my downloaded Facebook data.


Facebook changes its news feed algorithm, or anything else?

You may have heard about the change of Facebook’s news feed algorithm. And then you may ask, “why should I care about it?” Well, yes, that’s a good question, though. From the user perspective, I lately tried logging in to the platform, and actually there was nothing change, compared with last couple of weeks ago. There were still less updates from “real” people, instead of from groups and pages. And of course the promoted posts still exist. Or is it just the algorithm that hasn’t yet implemented to all their servers around the globe?pexels-photo-267482.jpeg

I don’t know, but let’s come back to your question, why it matters to you if they change their sort of algorithm to show you which updates you worth reading. From what I read on Medium here, there are 3 main reason behind the change of algorithm:

  1. Priority of personal over the public.
  2. Priority of commenting on likes and views.
  3. Priority of quality over quantity.

So basically Facebook want to prioritize the user posts rather than other else, like ads; and they want to retain the users. As I read somewhere in the web that recently Facebook users spent less time on the platform in the last quarter of last year.

The real uproar is actually would occured in the marketing world (read the first link above). With the decrease of ads display in the feed, it certainly would make marketing in this platform quite challenging. Just let’s see the changes.