Installing KDEConnect Indicator on Budgie Desktop

So, I missed a crucial info in my previous post about the switch of my desktop from KDE to Budgie. The KDE “flavor” that I meant was KDE connect indicator, as well as its context menu in Dolphin file manager to send files to Android. Actually it’s something that retains me to stay loyal using KDE desktop for quite some time. It’s a nifty app for me, as I can get every notification from my phone right away without touching it.

When I decided to move to Budgie, I also looked for similar apps that I used to have in KDE, including this KDE connect. Fortunately, there has been some projects that support KDE connect for Budgie, or Gnome in common. And among them, I chose indicator-kdeconnect applet by Bajoja in Github. (The repo might will move to Gitlab soon 🙂 )

The project has provided install instruction for Fedora. Here is the snippet:

on Fedora:
-> sudo dnf install gtk3-devel
-> sudo dnf install libappindicator-gtk3-devel
-> sudo dnf install cmake
-> sudo dnf install vala-devel
-> sudo dnf install python3-requests-oauthlib
-> sudo dnf install nautilus-python (if you use Nautilus)
            nemo-python (if you use Nemo)
            caja-python (if you use Caja)

Obviously you should install kdeconnect 1.0.0 or up to use the features

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
sudo make install

After finishing the compilation process, and running the binary, I got the KDE connect indicator in the panel.


Compile process of indicator-kdeconnect in Budgie desktop

Of course I have installed the KDE connect binary and made sure it’s running, in order to have the context menu in Dolphin to send files.


Android files are displayed in Dolphin

Everything of KDE connect is working fine, including multimedia controller, remote input, as well as copy-paste text into and from device. Although for the latter, I haven’t found the corresponding feature like KDE’s clipper for copied texts in Budgie.


I’ve just successfully connected KDE Connect in my Fedora 23 KDE to Android. Just before, I thought it didn’t work in Plasma 5 or broken in Fedora. Since it could not find the Android devices, although they have KDE Connect app installed. But actually, it’s just blocked by firewall config of Fedora.

According to KDE Wiki, the ports for kde-connect need to be opened, i.e 1714-1764. I’ve never thought that such essential part of the desktop environment would be blocked by firewall. So I had no idea to touch firewall config at all. It was until I found a discussion on Reddit about the same problem I had. A user pointing out about Fedora’s firewall that seems blocking kde-connect. But I could see the ports either TCP or UDP have been opened and listened in the firewall config. But then I found out that kde-connect was unchecked in the Services list.

It means that the firewall didn’t allow kde-connect to access the ports it needs. Then I just had to check it, typed password, and voila… my Android device has been found by kde-connect. So now, I can enjoy syncing Android to KDE and playing some stuffs it has.


KDEConnect not Working in Fedora 23 KDE