Momentan ist mein Momentum

Hurra…!! Schließlich ist dies, der erste Beitrag auf Deutsch. Ja, ich versuche diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Natürlich benutze ich Google Übersetzer. Das Momentum im Titel, die ich meine, ist tatsächlich „momentum” in Indonesisch1. Ich habe in den letzten paar Monaten in kurzer Zeit viele Erfahrungen gesammelt. Also möchte ich sie hier teilen. Das Wichtigste ist die Lektion, die ich von ihnen gelernt habe.

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Such a great year: a reflection in the another year-end

2018 is approaching, and this year is going to leave us soon. So many things happened in our lives then, right? Some were delightful, while some others were painful. That’s life, after all. Just like a wheel, sometimes we are on top, sometimes below. And it rolls constantly, doesn’t it?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

I call this year as “year of finding, realizing, changing”. There were a couple of amazing things happened in this year. The most remarkable one would be the achievement of a kind of breakthrough in my life. While the others were so awesome as well. Like, eventually I got some “first experiences” that I’ve never had before. And also the most painful one was unforgettable.

While last year was the “turning point” year, this year is an awakening. Eventually, I realize my existence in this world, and what is it for. Yeah, I’ve found myself! Maybe it’s too late, but I can’t just blame other people for that, even God. It’s my fault, but I can’t blame myself forever either, for the sake of my future. I need to go forward and forgive the past, and let it as a life lesson.

In the first half of this year, I was suffering for a sort of false blind infatuation1. My heart was expecting someone too much, somebody who would never be mine. But, yeah, let it be the most naive, ignorant part of my life. For I have to move on instead of lamenting the past. And since thankfully God has sent someone else who is more decent for my future, inshaAllah.

Another part was that I now realize what really happened in my life so far. There were so many things that I never really learnt them. I didn’t know why exactly either, but what the most important is that now I dare to push myself to learn them.

Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.

Benjamin Franklin

In the second half of this year, I felt like I have gained a kind of freedom or something like that for my life. I did a couple of long delayed procrastinations. And the most exciting part was that eventually I managed to pursue my dream. Something that makes me believe more to the power of dreaming. And now I have become a brand new of me. Goodbye my past!

I hope for the goodness for 2018 and the years after. And may the people around me are in the goodness as well. And I’ll try my best to love them.