Another ending

Hallo Leute! Wie geht es Ihnen?

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post here. I just too lazy and dizzy to write post in English. So, I just procrastinated and on and on, until I realize that this is year end! Amazing!

Actually I have at least 3 drafts to be completed, but I don’t know why I stopped then. So instead, I wanna post this kind of junk post to tell the world that this blog is not dead, yet. Maybe I’ll publish them after this.

That’s all, I think. See you next year, that means 4 days left from now.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 ARM

I used to write about Kubuntu when its new version was released. But for now, since my HDD is rather broken, and I have bought Raspberry Pi instead, so I want to write about Mate flavor of Ubuntu which fit to the ARM platform. Actually I want to install KDE on it, but I’m not sure about the performance.

Last month, the new long-term supported Ubuntu version was released. The main flavor with Unity has not yet brought awaited Unity 8 with Mir display server. And for my favorite flavor, Kubuntu, it has brought the newest KDE Plasma 5 for the desktop. Unfortunately I cannot play with it until I repair my PC. Maybe not only repairing, but also I ought to buy a new HDD as well.

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Ghost blog

I don’t write about a blog written by a ghost. But, I want to tell you about a blogging platform, called Ghost1.

Ghost was created to simplify the process of online publishing for individual bloggers as well as online publications, Wikipedia says2.

The project was initiated due to the complexity of WordPress. That said, WordPress is growing yet becoming more than a blogging platform. So, Ghost try to bring back how blogging should be: simple.

ghost blog admin page
Simple, eh?

Blogging with Ghost needs a knowlegde of Markdown3 syntax. As you can see at above image, you type your post in the left pane with Markdown, and the right pane will show you the live preview.

To run your blog using Ghost, you need at least a VPS, as it runs on Node.js which most of traditional shared hosting don’t offer the service.

Blogging 101

Hello everybody. Assalamu’alaikum for Muslims. (Versi Bahasa Indonesia tulisan ini mungkin ada di halaman 2)

First of all, I’ll tell you, this is my first experience for joining Blogging 101. While actually I’ve start blogging –especially with– since a few years ago.

Okay, for the first assignment, I’ll post about myself and the reason why I join the Blogging 101 courses.

About Me

My name is Slamet Badwi, just an ordinary person who enjoy blogging. ūüôā

I’m a self learner,¬†particularly for Linux Ubuntu. I have known¬†it for about 5 or 6 years, but I began using it since 1-2 years ago. Now, I teach myself some programming skills, such as PHP, Javascript and Qt C++.

I speak Javanese for daily basis, and Indonesian when I speak to other people of different tribes. You know, there are so many tribes with their own languages and cultures in my country, Indonesia. This is what we usually proud of: multicultural harmony.

Why being here?

I used to read books while in the school for a couple of years ago. Now, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas by blogging. In my case, I like to share about Linux, particularly Ubuntu, and a few programming stuffs.

Besides, I also like learning a few languages, including English. And of course, I’m trying to improve my English¬†skill. So that’s why I join this course. I mean, I hope I can write more English post in my blog so that I can learn it as well.

And after finding out that the participants of this course are so enthusiastic, I think I should learn how to socialize with others. And it makes me more courageous for blogging, although I cannot ensure that I have spare time or chances for it.

That’s all, I think. I hope you understand this post, you know what I mean. Thanks.

Learn Programming

Welcome to my¬†first post in 2015. Coincidentally, today is (the last hour¬†of) 12 Rabi’ al¬†Awwal, which is the day of Mawlid an-Nabiy Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), the last Prophet of Islam who received revelations from Allah to be conveyed for¬†mankind in the earth. He’s a great man of all time.¬†His name is always be uttered by Muslims around the¬†world. So that¬†Ja Ņfar b. Šł§asan al-Barzanjńꬆcomposed Mawlid al-Barzanji. And that work is so popular that from the beginning of this month until yesterday, many Masjid or Musala held a public recitation of it.

Hold on, you may begin thinking that the title of this post is nonsense and has no relation with the first paragraph above. Okay, I just try to open this post with the actual events that happened recently.

A few months ago, I’ve written a post entitled ‘Programming‘. Since then, there aren’t much changes on myself. I mean, uhh, sorry, I have to finish this post as quick as possible before 24:00. ūüėÄ

I feel hard to write this post in English. I don’t know why. But of course because I’m currently¬†learning it.

The most important point that I want to share is some learning material for programming which I got from Youtube. I hope it will be useful for you. Here they are:


The Community of Ubuntu Users


It’s December already, huh?¬†How fast the days¬†went by. How many times I missed the good chances. etc. etc…

If you don’t want to read this post, just skip this. I’ll be OK. Since I don’t know either what should I write. Also, I have no more idea or topics for the next posts.

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Adakah ini akhir dari Nokia? Awal yang baru, kata mereka

Jadi ini ceritanya mau belajar bikin aplikasi buat Nokia Asha S40. Sudah agak lama sih. Sudah ketinggalan jaman yah? Memang. Sudah susah-susah install SDK di Ubuntu, eh, dapat email dari Nokia: judulnya “New beginnings for classic Nokia phone developers“. Email pada gambar tersebut memberitahu bahwa Nokia Store¬†akan mengalihkan aplikasi-aplikasinya ke Opera Mobile Store. Proses akan selesai pada semester awal tahun depan. Sudah tahu kan kalau Microsoft sudah mengambil alih divisi Nokia Mobile. Mengubah merk Nokia Lumia menjadi Lumia saja. Dan pada akhirnya menghilangkan dukungan pada platform yang lebih lawas. Termasuk platform Asha, dan juga Nokia X sang pengusung Android di keluarga Nokia.

Perlu diketahui bahwa pengguna ponsel “bodoh” (lawan dari ponsel pintar) masih banyak saat ini. Sebagai patokan, lihat pada web app yang saya upload ke Nokia Store, termasuk feed reader resmi blog ini (link ada di sidebar kiri). Statistik unduhan setiap harinya menunjukkan stabilitas jumlah (saat tulisan ini dibuat, rata-rata perhari antara 300-400 unduhan, total¬†3 web app).¬†Itu adalah jumlah untuk aplikasi yang tidak populer. Bagaimana dengan aplikasi yang sedang ngetren? Anda¬†mungkin bisa mengira-ngira sendiri. Continue reading Adakah ini akhir dari Nokia? Awal yang baru, kata mereka