Settings for Nokia Asha 210 to Make SIP Call (in Asterisk PBX Network)

Above are gallery of screen captures of Nokia Asha 210 feature phone to configure SIP call in Asterisk PBX network. In other word, it is used for calling via VoIP network.

KDE Connect, Link Your Android to Linux Box

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Recently, I had a chance to try out KDE Connect. It has KDE in its name, but you can try it on other DEs. Of course with some limitations, i.e Dolphin’s right-click menu for sending files may not available on another file manager. (I haven’t try it on another DE, though). To link your Linux to Android, you need to have KDE Connect app installed on your Android and Linux as well, and connect both devices to the same network.

You can read all about KDE Connect in its developer’s blog: And these are my screenshots of KDE Connect in action: